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Friendship cant be cloned Friendship cant be cloned

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A somewhat-unique concept brought about in a enjoyably playable state.

Friendship can't be cloned feels like a bullet hell without the bullets, however I can't say I agree with the author's style choice.

Starting with the game play, the player controls Fluttershy, who is orbited by blades that act as her one and only attack. This is not a hindrance, as it makes up the backbone of the experience; playing a haphazard game of keep away with large, intricate enemies made up of many segments, and a core. These pieces can harm you, which floods the Fluttershy sprite with red. You can also collect two powerups, one that increases your blade's length (And I assume damage?) and the other transforms Fluttershy into a vampire of sorts.

This is where it becomes a bit more vague, the vampire powerup only seems to illuminate one level and if it did something else, I feel like it was either negligible, or hard to discern. Gameplay, while not stiff, is short and it is sometimes difficult to tell how close to dieing you are, as there are no health bars.

I will praise the game for having fantastic enemies to fight, complex and a noticeable amount of care and love was put into making them (Albeit sometimes seeming cluttered), and the level backgrounds had a sort of new-age abstract-ism to them that fit the gameplay and music well.

The one point I'm not too thrilled about is the lack of creativity with player character design or story. While the multiple endings were a good touch, I feel like the My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic Characters were completely and utterly out of place, if not unnecessary to the game's short lived exposition. New, unique, and original characters could have been used for the same purpose and the game could have gotten more attention without the pseudo fanfiction.

Bottom Line: Friendship can't be cloned is a enjoyable game in of itself that is only bogged by a lack of a static health bar and a little hit detection issues that make the game feel weightless as it calculates damage. A lack of a more original storyline may put off some users, but it won't stop everyone.

3/5 stars.

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aparisius responds:

Thank you very much for this wonderful review. It is very frustrating that people give you bad ratings but they don't say why.

1. When you're a vampire, you have night vision, regeneration x2, and daggers are more separated from you. I will include instructions in the next game.

2. I thought the life bars were unnecessary because your character changes theircolor. I will include it in the next game too.

3. It is difficult to write a good story for a game of 8 minutes. I think the story is good, but is poorly told by the lack of time. The next game will last longer.

4. Remember that 2 of the 4 characters are clones. So they have the physical appearance of Fluttershy, but they don't have to have her personality. That's why the game is called "friendship can't be clonned", because you can clone someone's body, but not his/her mind. That's why Clone #01 is so different from the original Fluttershy.

5. Hit detection issues are caused because I used a code that uses squares to detect collisions. There are more precise codes, but they require a more powerful computer, and I wanted that anyone could play my game, even with a toaster.

That's all. Thank you for your review. I wish all the players were like you.

YouFindYourselfInARoom YouFindYourselfInARoom

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great, fantastic game. And it seems that my number was 43010

Fear Less! Fear Less!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I took the time to finish this game. What I expected was a normal hop-and-bop type play style, however when I got down to it. I got an addictive, beautiful example of a Retro-Pixel art style (With a optional Retro filter, Neat!) and a warm little story.

Great animations that give the game a lot of credible personality paired with an addictive play style made getting the metals and unlocking the ending all the better.

Great job, and I'm looking forward to that larger project you two are working on.


Slime Laboratory Slime Laboratory

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'm getting a bit of a GISH vibe from this, But without the charm and the flexibilty that GISH had. I can't say this is a good game, but the sound design and visual appeal is there at least. Try again! Make a different game or tweek it. Game feel is a bit off.

Deep Sea Fishing Deep Sea Fishing

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I've got the sneaking suspicion this is stolen.

This is an advertisement for a Korean fish flavored snack-food, from what I gather, and I'm doubtful that the author is the actual publisher of the game.

Escape the City Escape the City

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I found this to be a good homage to Canabalt, The controls were fluid and forgiving, and it felt tight. Your main aspect is that there was no real explanation of if something on a rooftop was going to act as a barrier, or was simply background art. This could be something in itself easily, but overall lacks meat to be a captivating, highly rated game.

3.5 for near perfect coding hindered by a lack of content, sound design and concept are solid.

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Hot Tub Heist Hot Tub Heist

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a well thought out game. The sprites are quarky and memorable, and the voice acting is spot on for a game like this.

Wonderful bit of platforming and running here. And I hope to see more from you in the future

Don't Look Back Don't Look Back

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Platformer take on an old fable...

The story is about a young man who's betrothed died before their wedding night in Greece, heartbroken, but determined, he set forth toward the vast expanses of hades to reclaim his lost love... the first boss is cerberus, the guardian of hell, the last boss is Hades/Pluto, Greek/roman god of death, our hero was allowed to reclaim his love with the help of aphroditie/venus greek/roman goddess of love, but on the grounds he would not turn to see her untill he was well away from the fires of hell... in the fable, he was walking out of the caves, before temptation gave way, he turned to her, and saw her face for a breif moment before her body transformed as a mass of black flies... Wonderful game with a rich story, if you know where to look, Keep up the good work Terry!

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Transmigration Transmigration

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It really wasent a game...

But as Monkokio Seid. It was "An interactive journey through ParagonX9's latest song, 'Chaoz Fantasy'" Basicly a movie that you have some control of. Damn good work, I havent really seen as flash that had that type of Artistic Flair. Keep up the good work.

Cosmic Crush Cosmic Crush

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow, nice. Im actually gonna reveiw this one

Dont know what that last guy was talking about that game made me realize how talented some newgrounders are, The Physics where very realistic, and the way your planet effected others around you ruled, since im reveiwing i might as well formaly here.
"This is a fantastic open ended sandbox game that invites yout to literally play amonst the stars. You control a small astaroid that by impacting with smaller ones, allow you to grow in size and upgrade your celestial object. From astaroid to star, you will enjoy felling compleatly in controle, Lacking in level checkpoints is a downside but not completly needed you will more then likely be lured into this addicting puzzle while White knuckleing it past groups of gient stars."

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