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Heya guys, Voiceactor from a bit ago, I'm looking to get my hands on some extra work and some help rating/improving my voice work as a hobby. Gimme a heads up sometime.

Recently did a soundscape that needs a bit of attention and polish too. Gimme a heads up sometime.

Make me talk! Announcement!

2011-10-02 16:18:56 by RantzOn

Heya folks, Gamedout (RantzOn) here, and you'll be able to dictate what i'm saying, or what I will be saying.

Here's my challange to newgrounds, In the comments of this page, or send me a mail, or even link me something... Anything. A monologue, a quote, even some silly little sentence, and describe how you want me to say it.

This is a short bit of practice for me, and I'll submit every one I can to the newgrounds Audio Portal for the next week.

Be creative! And Have a good time with it.


Been planning on working on some new content for this account, and decided to try my hand at some voiceacting. As such, I'm going to be doing little monologues and conversations to add to the Audio Portal from time to time. I hope to be a fresh voice in newgrounds someday, and to start it off, Here's Monologue of a Broken Mage

It's not perfect or anywhere near proffessional quality, more like a practice run to get people's feedback.

Thanks as usual Newgrounders!

Gamed-Out (RantzOn)

MAN! I'm Lazy!

2009-02-19 02:00:53 by RantzOn

Music was a bust, Damn my short attention span... But decided to try my hand at voice acting, If I ever get a mic that is.

None the less, don't know why I've ignored newgrounds for this long, Some sort of Voice Demo Reel coming soon! Stay tuned Newgrounders!

If anyone has some advice to a newbie, feel free!


2007-09-09 13:34:37 by RantzOn

Ok. Finnaly had a thought, Kid Icarus. Not a full Mix, But more of a Techno Tweak. Working on it as we speak. Wont have anything up untill the Weekend though. Evedently i cant record shat with the version of fruity loops i have, So i need to upgrade it. See you guys around.

WOO! Isa Back! Bet no one missed me.

2007-07-30 13:37:41 by RantzOn

Ah its true, Im back to newgrounds, Never thought it would happen, Well anyway instead of the usual, Reveiwing, im going to start contributing... For once, To the vastness which is the Interwebs, and Newgrounds. Geting myself a copy of Fruity loops and such, Going to be experimenting with Rock, Metal, Drum and Bass, And a bit of Techno. Wish me luck, Ill need it